Trane XC95m Gas Furnace

Trane XC95m Gas Furnace.

Built for Efficiency

Enjoy the benefits of a gas furnace built to work its best without wasting energy. The XC95m has an AFUE rating of up to 97.3%, which means most of its fuel becomes usable heat for your home.

Consistent and Precise

Get continual warmth all winter long with a variable-speed blower motor.

Quiet Comfort

Feel the effects of your high-efficiency furnace without having to hear it. The XC95m includes an insulated cabinet that helps ensure quiet operation.

Get the Best of Both Worlds With a Hybrid System

Pair your gas furnace with a heat pump to enjoy the benefits of a hybrid system. Your heat pump primarily heats your home and your furnace steps in when the weather gets too cold. Together, they offer you reliable comfort that could lower your energy costs.