UV Air Purifiers

Aprilaire 5000 UV Air Purifier

Aprilaire 5000 UV Air Purifier

Eliminates 98% of airborne bacteria and fungi
Removes 98% of pet dander and respirable dust, which can trigger asthma
Captures 95% of airborne particles the size of tobacco smoke and smog
Removal of 99% of airborne viruses and ultra-fine particles — down to 0.3 microns in size.
Traps 99% of airborne pollen, mold, and spore-sized particles less than a micron in size (up to 120 times smaller than a human hair)


Honeywell UV2400U1000 Ultraviolet Air Treatment System

Honeywell's UV Air Purifier is installed in the ductwork of your central air system and is designed to help reduce airborne odors, toxic chemical vapors, germs and mold in your home. Through the use of Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology, Honeywell's UV Air Purifier combines germicidal UV light and activated carbon cells to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC's) in the air.


Fresh-Aire DIVTUVAKT8ER2 UV In-Duct Air purifier

Advanced 11” quartz insulated germicidal oxidizing full spectrum lamp & activated carbon catalyst for complete biological and odor control, actively treats the air and HVAC equipment, simple 24V connection, easy installation.